Quick ‘n dirty 2 minute PCI-Express PCB

For those of you who would like to see some simple PCB design in action, read on! I did a quick $5.00 PCB design job yesterday for a hardware project I am currently working on, and made a quick timelapse video for whoever’s interested in seeing how the design process in Cadence Allegro works. Since I’m a big fan of screen capture time lapse videos myself, why not capture the whole thing?

We’ve previously designed a couple of adapters that plug into one of our two prototyping boards, and in order to put our second board to use with the adapters, we required yet another adapter. In this case, a simple PCI-Express X1 male to male edge adapter would do, so I started to work on that. To be honest, it’s not one of my best boards.. e.g. there are differential pairs on there that are not exactly length or impedance matched.. but anyway, this should do the job. Fingers crossed!

Here’s the timelapse video of 1 hour messing around in Cadence Allegro (with all its bits and quirks) and drilled down into 2 minutes, including the ordering at one of my favorite PCB fab houses, OSHPark.

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